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If you are interested in a Double LL puppy please review the information below about purchasing a puppy.  

We prefer our puppies to be place in hunting homes as they are breed for hunting. If you are interested in putting a deposit down on a puppy, please contact us.  

  • ​The price of a puppy is $1500 for a male and $1800 for female if you want to reserve a puppy a deposit of $250 is needed and that goes to the overall price.  If we cannot provide a puppy your deposit may be refunded or applied to a future litter.

  • The puppies will come with NAVHDA and AKC limited registration.  Limited Registration means that the dog cannot produce registered offspring unless the breeder revokes the limited status.   We will happily revoke the limited status and provide full breeding registration to those dogs that meet very basic performance and health requirements.  Those minimum breeding requirements have been established by the German Wirehair Alliance and can be found on their website at

  • We will require some basic information about your hunting style and experience with hunting dogs. This is so that we can do our best to help pick the right dog for you. We are observing and evaluating the litter daily for 8 weeks or so. We know our puppies and their personalities and can assist in picking the right dog for you.

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