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Mia and Toby's Litter is here they were born 7/19/2023. All pups spoken for.  

Double LL Griz's Explosion(Toby) and Griffs Mia Lady Of Duke(Mia). 

We are very excited for this litter of Toby and Mia; both of which are owned, trained, and hunted by us. They both are excellent hunting dogs. This litter should produce some nice, strong, hard-hunting dogs with good, thick coats. Last years litter earned a Natural Ability breeders award. The pups have great coats and have a fantastic off switch at only a year old. 

Griffs Mia Lady of Duke - Mia

Mia is a very powerful hunter that does not quit when but has a excellent 'off switch' at home. She is comfortable hunting whether ranging out in the open prairie or busting through thick cattails. She has been tested in the NAVHDA Natural Ability Test receiving a 112, Prize 1, as well as in the Utility Test scoring a 198, Prize 1. Pinn hip was completed at 25months and rated RT .23 LT .20. Elbows and Thyroid are both normal. Genetic testing for furnishings is Ff. Weight is 65 lbs. Mia's Pedigree.



Toby has been a great hunting dog for many years now, and continues to perform exceptionally. He is a great retriever of both upland game birds and waterfowl. Toby has only been tested in the NAVHDA Utility Test and has done remarkably well earning a 204 prize 1. Weight is 75Lbs. Hips were tested an scored GOOD in OFA. Elbows and thyroid are normal. Genetically testing for furnishings is FF.  Toby's Pedigree

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